Residential Landscaping Services

Keeping your lawn looking its best requires special attention and precise scheduling. Since your lawn offers the first impression of your home, it's important to make sure that your landscape is properly maintained. Lees’ Landscaping Services is proud to offer curb appeal at its best.

A beautiful lawn does not happen by itself and we're here to help! Our trained staff wants your property to stand out and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Lawn Maintenance

Our experienced lawn technicians will maintain weekly mowing of the property, assuring the that height depth is changed to accommodate seasonal temperatures and to maintain a healthy lawn. Our technicians are also trained to determine whether weekly mowing is needed in the hot summer months.

At Lee’s Landscaping Services, our technicians utilize advanced lawn equipment, and grass trimmers are used to reach places that cannot be accessed by our equipment. They will also trim around trees and walkways and blow off driveways.

Spring Clean Ups

Spring clean-ups are essential to prepare a property for the growing season, especially in the northeast where the winters really take a toll on lawns and gardens. It’s important to clean the beds and remove debris and branches to give a lawn a fresh start.

In addition to clearing any debris, a spring clean-up includes dethatching. Thatch can block a lawn’s growth. Since dethatching removes this dead grass, it revives the lawn.

It can really be a big job! Lee’s Landscaping Services will handle the clean-up because we know that our customers’ time is valuable and limited.

Mulching, Edging, and Weeding

Mulching, edging, and weeding increase a property’s curb appeal. Mulch contains weeds, retains moisture, prevents soil erosion, and adds that extra polish to a garden. Edging, which is maintained with a string trimmer at each weekly visit, redefines the beds and contains the mulch. We also offer weeding is an optional service with weekly lawn maintenance.


Aerating establishes a healthy lawn for the season. The holes that aeration creates allow water, oxygen, fertilizer, and other nutrients to feed the grass.


From walkways and patios to complete outdoor living spaces with fire pits and seating, hardscapes can transform a property into a restful space for relaxing and entertaining.

Fertilizing Program

Lee’s Landscaping Services offers a Five-Step Fertilizing Program that starts in the spring and ends in the fall for optimal growth during the seasons. Each step is specifically tailored to the needs of your lawn at that time of year. We cover crabgrass, weed and grub control, and finish off the program by getting your lawn ready for winter.

Step 1, which is applied between mid-March and early May, is fertilizer with pre-emergent crab grass control. It is best that the lawn is watered prior to the treatment.

Step 2, which is applied between the beginning of April and the middle of June, is fertilizer with post-emergent weed control. This second round of fertilizer is especially necessary to control broadleaf weeds.

Step 3, which is applied between mid-May and mid-August, is fertilizer with grub control. This application minimizes white grub activity for up to 120 days. It's important to water the lawn after the treatment to activate the control

Step 4, which is applied between mid-July and mid-September, is slow-release fertilizer for extended feeding. This application includes iron which improves the lawn's color.

Step 5, which is applied between mid-September and mid-November, is the Winterizer. This application includes a high content of potassium for improved plant stress tolerance during the winter months.

Additional Services include fungicide application for red thread and other diseases, mosquito control, flea and tick applications, and soil testing.

Fall Clean Ups

When winter is approaching, a property needs a complete yard cleaning, which includes removing leaves and clearing any debris. This is important because diseases and fungal material that grow in infected plant debris can survive the winter temperatures and resurface in the spring. A fall clean-up removes debris before the first snowfall assuring that these diseases and fungal material are eliminated and do not continue to grow.

Special Projects

Special projects include planting and pruning. Just tell our technician what you want to do.

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